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Hillary Clinton: Nationwide Gun Ban, Repeal of Second Amendment “Worth Considering”

But Hillary also demanded we ship guns to ISIS-linked rebels

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Hillary said:

You know, Australia’s a good example, Canada’s a good example, the UK’s a good example. Why? Because each of them had mass killings, Australia had a huge mass killing about 20 or 25 years ago. Canada did as well, so did the UK. In reaction, they passed much stricter gun laws.

In the Australian example, as I recall, that was a buyback program. The Australian government as part of trying to clamp down on the availability of … weapons offered a good price for buying hundreds of thousands of guns and basically clamped down going forward, in terms of having more of a background check approach, more of a permitting approach.

But they believed, and I think the evidence supports them, that by offering to buy back those guns, they were able to, you know, curtail the supply and set a different standard for gun purchases in the future.

But Hillary also demanded we ship guns to ISIS-linked rebels Image Credit fncstatic Hillary said: You know, Australia’s a good ...

Domestic Firm Shares $1B Indian Gun Tender With Korean Partner

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The tender for the tracked guns, issued in 2011, was a rebid of a 2007 tender, and was issued to India's Tata Power, Larsen Bharat Earth Movers Ltd. (BEML) and Rosoboronexport. Larsen teamed with Samsung while state-owned BEML united with Slovak company Konstrukha.

Analysts said with the production of the K-9s anticipated in the city of Pune after the tender is formally inked, Larsen and Samsung could jointly emerge as India's leading howitzer makers in a market worth more than $6 billion.

"India has not purchased a single howitzer for the last 30 years now, so yes, this partnership has a great scope of becoming a major supplier for the Indian Army over the next decade," Ankur Gupta, a defense analyst with Ernst & Young India, said.

An Army official, however, said it is too early to project whether the joint venture can mature into a major howitzer maker here.

"Doubt [over] the order for tracked guns will increase unless Samsung L&T combined can spin this off into a self-propelled wheeled gun later and address the Indian artillery's old tender for 180-odd wheeled guns," the Army official said.

No Larsen executive would comment on the company's plans to manufacture howitzers nor would they say whether they will strike a joint venture company with Samsung on an equity-sharing basis. No Samsung executives were available for comment.

The South Korean company could have competed alone in the tender, but it chose to team with an Indian company. Analysts say that freed Samsung from fulfilling offsets that otherwise have to equal up to 30 percent of the contract's value.

"Samsung realized that having an Indian partner is advantageous," Gupta said. "Also by having significant indigenous content, all the work around offsets gets taken care of."

This "made sense even five years back when Make in India was not the flavor of the season: Give 50 percent work to an Indian entity and get away from the headache of offset," the Army official said. "In any case, probably L&T drove a hard bargain and asked for substantial work to be done in India to scale up their own capabilities on the back of such a project."

However, to what extent technology of the tracked gun will be passed on to Larsen is unknown. No Larsen executive would comment on the level of technology transfer that could happen.

It remains to be seen where the turret technology is coming from.

"For limited 100 numbers, [it] doesn't make sense to make turrets also in India, probably later when Samsung and L&T combined want to tap other global orders, they might put turret work in L&T manufacturing of the K-9 gun at Pune-based facilities of L&T," the Army official added.

A Larsen executive, however, said the building of the K-9 would enable the Indian Army to get better lifecycle support.

"It meets the Make in India requirement, lifecycle support can be provided from India, the next-generation gun can also be indigenous," the L&T executive said.

The Army plans to replace all existing field guns with a variety of 155mm/.52-caliber guns at a cost of more than $6 billion. As part of this purchase plan, named Field Artillery Rationalization Plan, the Army plans to buy a mix of around 3,600 155mm/.52-caliber guns by 2020 to 2025 for more than 220 artillery regiments.
Image credit "defensenews" The tender for the tracked guns, issued in 2011, was a rebid of a 2007 tender, and was issued to ...

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Guddu Ki Gun

Q. What is "Guddu Ki Gun"?
Guddu Ki Gun is a Bollywood Adult comedy film of year 2015.

Q. Who directed "Guddu Ki Gun"?
Directed by Duo Shantanu Ray Chhibber and Sheershak Anand.

Q. What is the name of actor of movie "Guddu Ki Gun"?
Kunal Kemmu

Q. What is the name of actress of movie "Guddu Ki Gun"?
Aparna Sharma

News headline from Movie "Guddu ki gun"
Did 'Guddu Ki Gun' because of Soha: Kunal from indianexpress.
Did 'Guddu Ki Gun' because of Soha: Kunal from abplive

Dialoge from "Guddu ki Gun"

  • Guddu Ki gun khara Sona hain, myself guddu.
  • Karte hain washing powder ka wayapar aur bhabhiyo se payar.
  • Sali e aisa lohe ki trah ho gaya hain, dekho.
  • aapka to hamesa se loha raha hain guddu bhaiya, hmare mahapurus to aap hi hain IRON MEN.
  • Aapne itni larkiyo ke sath hain khela or upar wale ne golden kr diya hain aapka kela.
  • Muhe sone ki ek gun ki talash hain. Wo gun mera hain mera.
  • Matlab mere men power ko golden power bnane wale aap hain.
  • Agar aaj guddu ki gun nahi mili na to sub ki gun kat dunga.

Trailer form new latest movie guddu ki gun.

Q. What is "Guddu Ki Gun"? Guddu Ki Gun is a Bollywood Adult comedy film of year 2015. Q. Who directed "Guddu Ki Gun&qu...

Gun safety campaign form celebrity

Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore has launched a gun safety campaign with 80 other celebrities.

News from BBC
Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian West and Steve Carell are among the stars who have signed up.
Moore said she and her colleagues were "shocked and saddened by the loss of life, and the daily increase of gun violence in our beautiful country".
The group aims to mobilise voters to support measures such as enhanced background checks for gun buyers.
Moore will chair the new group, named The Everytown Creative Council, which is affiliated with Everytown for Gun Safety, a grassroots community campaign which has three million members in the US.
'I've got to do something'
Moore told People magazine she was inspired to take action after being horrified by the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, in which 20 children and six adults died.
"I was like, 'I've had it,'" she said. "I said to my husband, 'I've got to do something. This is the one thing that I need to say something about. This is my responsibility as a parent.'"
The actress said she went through her address book alphabetically to ask who wanted to be involved.
The 80 Hollywood stars have signed a pledge that reads: "By signing our names to this statement, we commit to use our creativity and visibility in the months ahead to help drive real change.
"While these are just the first steps, we pledge to use our voices wherever and whenever we can, doing our part to help mobilise more Americans to help save lives from gun violence."
Members of the council will invite their fans to get involved and participating in Everytown events, including brainstorming new approaches to grow the gun violence prevention movement.
Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore has launched a gun safety campaign with 80 other celebrities. News from BBC Jennifer Lawrence...

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Obama's alleged idea of executive actions on gun control

As President Obama visited the community rocked by last week's Oregon college shooting Friday, the president was reportedly considering executive action on gun background checks -- after he called for Americans to turn gun control into a political issue in the wake of the shooting.

Obama met Friday with survivors and families of those killed in the attack at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore. The gunman killed nine before killing himself.

"I've got some very strong feelings about this, because when you talk to these families, you are reminded that this could be happening to your child, or your mom, or your dad, or your relative, or your friend," Obama said at the end of his visit.

"And so, we're going to have to come together as a country to see how we can prevent these issues from taking place," he said.

The Washington Post reported that the White House is considering executive action that would compel background checks for "individuals who buy from dealers who sell a significant number of guns each year." Dealers who exceed a certain number of sales each year would be required to obtain a license and perform background checks, the Post reported.

Current law says only those “engaged in the business” of selling guns need to obtain a license and perform a background check. Exempted are those who make occasional sales, or who buy or sell guns as part of a personal collection or for a hobby.

Obama himself had not ruled out the possibility of acting unilaterally on the issue, saying in his news conference after the shooting that he had asked his team to see what he could do on his own to address gun violence.

“In terms of what I can do, I've asked my team, as I have in the past, to scrub what kinds of authorities do we have to enforce the laws that we have in place more effectively to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  Are there additional actions that we can take that might prevent even a handful of these tragic deaths from taking place?” Obama said at the Oct. 1 news conference.

The proposal to expand background checks originally was part of a package of considerations mulled after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., but was rejected after federal lawyers expressed concern that setting a numerical threshold could be legally challenged, and ATF officials voiced objections that it would be hard to enforce, the Post reported.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest refused to rule out executive action from the Oval Office on the issue – saying it was an “ongoing” effort on the part of the president’s team.

“And the fact is there are a lot of things that can be done that don't undermine the basic constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans,” Earnest said.

Obama risks being outflanked on the issue by former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton who this week announced a number of gun control proposals, including overturning a law that prevents families of shooting victims from suing gun makers and using executive action to change the definition of who qualifies as a firearms dealer.

Obama’s attempts to pass gun control measures through Congress previously have been unsuccessful, and in 2013 he announced 23 executive actions in the wake of the Newtown massacre. In his remarks after the Roseburg shooting, he called on the U.S. to turn gun control into a political issue.

“And, of course, what’s also routine is that somebody, somewhere, will comment and say, Obama politicized this issue. Well, this is something we should politicize. It is relevant to our common life together, to the body politic,” Obama said.

However, any gun proposals would likely see unified opposition among Republicans in Congress and GOP 2016 hopefuls. Republicans argue that mental health, not guns, are to blame for mass shootings and that White House proposals on the issue would violate the Second Amendment and wouldn’t do much, if anything, to prevent mass shootings.

"Talk of gun control makes the liberals feel warm and fuzzy.  However, the cold reality is that when you disarm the good guys you put them at the mercy of the bad guys. That’s what gun control does," Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Friday in an opinion piece.

The president may face opposition to his gun control proposals even in the town of Roseburg when he visits Friday, although the White House has said that the visit will be about comforting the victims, not about proposing new gun laws.

Staunchly conservative Douglas County is filled with gun owners who use their firearms for hunting, target shooting and self-protection. A commonly held opinion in the area is that the solution to mass killings is more people carrying guns, not fewer.

"The fact that the college didn't permit guards to carry guns, there was no one there to stop this man," Craig Schlesinger, pastor at the Garden Valley Church, told The Associated Press.

Full article on foxnews.
As President Obama visited the community rocked by last week's Oregon college shooting Friday, the president was reportedly consideri...

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