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Desi Katta Tamanchas Pistol information, image galleries and wallpapers

Title :  Desi Katta Pistol images gallery with specification. Semi automatic images of Desi Katta Pistol types, Desi Katta Pistol semi automatic wallpaper, Desi Katta Pistol semi automatic information, Desi Katta Pistol range.

Description: Tamanchas (also known as desi katta and desi sixer, a locally made gun) are illegal and indigenous weapons that are Priced anywhere between Rs500 and Rs1,000, depending on the quality, It can be bought easily in the grey markets in UP, Delhi and Mumbai.Many films and songs are based on desi katta. Like : "TAMANCHE PE DISCO" from BULLET RAJA,  Ishqiya etc.

Place of origin : India. Some people say that The ammo's are some time comes from china. Eaither Nepal route, nepal route is totally open for indo-nepal people any one could go any where without any ID prof due to "nehru birendra chukti" occoured in 1954 . Or mayanmar [barma] - bengaldesh route.

The cost of desi ammo( barud) is given below:
3not3 minimum price 100 to 150
9mm minimum price 300 to 350

And the cost of desi katta , is depends upon its type like one shooter price is 700 - 1200 INR, pipegun price is 1000 - 1500 INR and six chamber revolber price is 6,000 - 10,000 INR.

Types and model:
315 bore desi katta
30 bore desi katta
12 bore desi katta

What people asked?
  • Can he use 303 bullet for 315 bor desi katta?
    •  No, if he is dangerous and un targeted.
  •  How to buy Desi katta?
    •  Sorry its Illegal, you can't. But you can try in your locality. 

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  1. This is great, you have mentioned every detail except where to buy? no matter what, The truth is If Indian govt. allows weapon purchase without licence, trust me every Indian- school kid, college guys,salaried & business class everybody will buy one piece Bcoz the harsh reality is NO ONE FEELS SAFE in this country. Media cry for Girls but truth is even Men are not safe after 8pm in Delhi except VVIP area.



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