Thursday, 2 January 2014

Revolver information, image galleries and wallpapers

Title :  Online Revolver images gallery with specification.

Description: A revolver is a repeating firearm .A revolver works by having several firing chambers arranged in a circle in a cylindrical block that are brought into alignment with the firing mechanism and barrel one at a time.Most commonly, such guns have a 5- or 6-shot capacity, hence the common names of "six-gun" or "six-shooter" or "sixer". However, some revolvers have a 7- to 10-shot capacity, often depending on the caliber, and at least one revolver has a 12-shot capacity (the US Fire Arms Model 12/22).

Kinds of Revolvers:
Zulaica Automatic Revolver
Taurus Revolvers
Smith & Wesson
Colt model

How to buy a revolver in india?

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