Monday, 1 February 2016

Gun in delhi metro

Now the illegal activity across the city is spreading faster then before, each days we comes to know few wrong thing happening around us. Today i am going to post real news where a in delhi metro a man found with a gun while scanned by X-ray machine.

New Delhi: An Uttar Pradesh resident was held at the Delhi Metro on Monday for allegedly carrying a country-made pistol and two live rounds in his baggage.
Officials said the incident took place early on Monday at the Shastri Park station when CISF personnel detected the weapon and ammunition during the X-ray scanning of his bag.
The bag owner was identified as one Sachin Kapoor (21) of UP's Etah district, they said, adding he was later handed over to the Delhi police and an FIR has been registered against him.
Investigation is on, they added.
In another incident at the Chattarpur station, CISF personnel helped in restoring a misplaced bag containing Rs 1.04 lakh to its bona fide owner.

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