Thursday, 17 March 2016

Desi katta in one thousand rupees news

Brought criminal incidents in the spotlight day living East of Rajasthan, Bharatpur district name over the past few days as illegal arms trafficking have unfolded. In the recent case of the son of a District Collector's award, who is told to buy illegally of Bharatpur pistol.
Illegal arms factories in the district police claimed to be closed while the border smuggling illegal weapons from Uttar Pradesh to saying. Being told that this is a Desi Katta a thousand 12 hundred ingredients.
Police this year 105 105 illegal weapons and cartridges until June has recovered. Police arrested 131 144 cases recorded is aropiton. While before the year 2014 at 141 weapons and 223 cartridges were recovered. Police had arrested 208 cases 209 ogon.

Up getting trafficked hathiya of
Trafficking of illegal weapons in the neighbouring district of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh village getting hathiya. Easily the village police station shooting weapons become available. District due to area limitation sati clandestine arms smuggling and local individual supplier provides arms or fixed order according to the relative location of the shunt system does.
In addition to hathiya Mathura district dausras and the village of Aligarh and Agra govardhan station also is illegal arms trafficking.
Police also used
Criminal trend of people using illegal weapons are the same, except the local police also uses them.
Grotowski and vehicle thieves gang encounter by the police several times during these two numbers use weapons, although police officials deny it.

Sikar tehsil of the District last month by police of gangavak village of native youth in the case of smuggling arms to the Vishnu Gurjar was arrested.
The young man is a polytechnic college student sikar. Police freed him a double barrel pistol, gun and 5 cartridges were recovered.
Police say he was bringing arms from sikar hathiya supply. This 12 bore gun sells for about 15 to 20 thousand was RS.

Son of Shantanu Kumar Sharma barrameda District Collector's award from holding the illegal weapon came in front of the name of Bharatpur.
Shantanu maheshnagar quarter of Jaipur police had arrested with illegal pistol. He questioned police in Bharatpur with your fellow told to buy 12 thousand rupees pistol. Police have been looking for her partner and supplier.
Criminal tendency people bring illegal weapons purchase from Uttar Pradesh. It is a major village hathiya. Police action against these people is consistently used.


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