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Taurus Revolver information, image galleries and wallpapers

Title : Online Taurus Revolver images gallery with specification.

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Type : Revolver
Place of origin: Brazil

Taurus Revolver Production history
Manufacturer: Taurus International
Produced: 2010–present
Variants: 4410, 4510, 513

Taurus Revolver Specifications
Weight: 29 oz (820 g)
Length: 7.5 in (190 mm)
Barrel length: 3 in (76 mm)
Width: 1.531 in (38.9 mm)
Height: 5.394 in (137.0 mm)
Caliber:.410 bore
.454 Casull
.45 Colt
Action: Double-action revolver
Feed system: 5-7 round cylinder
Sights: Fixed

Taurus Revolver Models
Taurus Judge
Taurus Model 605
Taurus Model 608
Taurus Model 617
Taurus Model 731
Taurus Model 82
Taurus Model 85
Taurus Raging Bull

Short note:
Taurus Revolvers have been widely recognized as the best in the industry for more than seven decades. In that time, Taurus has pioneered the art of the wheelgun with features like the yoke detent, full length ejector rod and the Taurus Security System and with guns like the famous Taurus Raging Bull series of hunting handguns. As the century turned, Taurus took revolvers to a new level with the introduction of Taurus Total Titanium. These lightweight, full-power handguns remain as the best that can be gotten.

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