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Zulaica Automatic Revolver information, image galleries and wallpapers

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Type: Revolver
Place of origin: Spain

Zulaica Automatic Revolver Production history
Designed: 1905
Manufacturer: M. Zulaica y Cia.

Zulaica Automatic Revolver Specifications
Cartridge: .22LR
Caliber: .22
Barrels: 1
Action: Blowback
Feed system 6 round cylinder

Short notes:
Invented in 1905 by the Spanish firm M. Zulaica y Cia, this interesting .22 revolver is one of those rare and mysterious automatic revolvers.  It is not double or single action, instead the force from each discharge works a mechanism which turns the cylinder and cocks the hammer.  These pistols were not very common but did make a popular pocket revolver for French officers during World War I.  Production ended in 1920.


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