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Udar (U-94) Revolver information, image galleries and wallpapers

Title : Online Udar (U-94) Revolver images gallery with specification.

Description: Udar (U-94) Revolver gun from world with details like:- range , image and gallery, auction of Udar (U-94) Revolver, Udar (U-94) Revolver wallpaper, uses, name, designer, manufacturer and more.

Type     Revolver
Origin country:      Russia

Production history of Udar (U-94)
Designer :    KBP Instrument Design Bureau
Designed:     1994
Manufacturer:     KBP Instrument Design Bureau

Udar (U-94) Specifications
Weight:     920 g empty
Length:     173 mm
Width:     44 mm
Height:     134 mm
12.3x50mmR (UDAR)
12.3x40mmR (UDAR-TS)
12.3x22mmR PM32 (UDAR-S)
9x18mm Makarov, 9x17mm Short (R-92)

Action     Double action
Effective firing range     5 m (Gas- or Liquid-Projection),
10 m (Plastic Baton),
25 m (Bullet)
Feed system     5-round cylinder

  •     Udar-S ("Service") U94S [12.3x22mm]
  •     The Udar-TS ("Training Service") or U94TS [12.3x40mm]

Private security, Bodyguards

Short note:
U-94 "Udar" revolver is a conventional double-action revolver with semi-exposed hammer (hammer head is accessible through the opening at the top rear of the frame for manual cocking or decocking) and side-opening cylinder that holds 5 rounds. Cylinder opens to the left, spent cartridges are ejected all at once when ejector rod is pressed, fresh rounds are loaded one after another manually. Revolver has unusual appearance as it was optimized for concealed carry and short-range use only. It had a steel frame and cylinder, and polymer grips.


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