Thursday, 27 November 2014

Desi Gun and India Nepalese market

We know how local gun market is spreading in Bihar, MP and UP. We had a small blogs and there is many articles in newspaper that describe with actual business amount and graph.

Now instead of these state people is spreading this business for international border like Nepal, China. Many old and struggling farmer of international border district like Sitamarhi etc. became arm dealer and they supply Desi handmade gun  from India to Nepal and vice versa. Low cost , easy availability and much benefit  is main reason that is why they smuggling those weapons. It is not that our and Nepalies government is not doing anything, they are doing his JOB and result is regularly we watch in TV and read in news paper
XXX from India got arrested with NXXX Katta and NXXX kartush,
XXX from Nepal got arrested with NXXX American pistol and NXXX Chinese Gun with many rounds of ammunition.


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