Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Women safety VS Gun in India

There are many women safety equipment which already available in Indian market like:-

  • Light weight Work boot, to run away
  • Bifocal safety Glass, protect form spray
  • Pepper spray, attack on attacker eyes
  • Volt Stun Gun, give electric shot to attacker

Even these products are available in market but girls are not taking care of it. And some time it difficult to find those items in nearby shops.


  • Do we have any Hand Gun in market for women for safety purpose?
  • Does, our government allow a women to carry a hand gun?
  • Should women carry a hand gun?
  • How she could get a hand gun?
  • What is the average cost of hand gun which is made for women?
  • What are the weights of women safety guns?

These are some question which everyone wants to know. If you have any information please comment.


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