Friday, 14 November 2014

Gun vs crime small essay note

These days our life going to be very easier and easier because of Technology.
There was a time when we were using stone, tree, animal and fire to joy a happy life, but now we have five star hotel, Air conditioner, fan, television, airplane, nuclear bomb, gun, smart phone etc.
Now there is one concern, where one side we are using these facility to joy our life there other side people trying to use such technology in crime, murder and violating human ethics.

Once COLT was making revolver, I think he never thought that a people can use revolver for his personal Outrage. Once a time where we were using Arrow bow to protect our self but now pistol, revolver, rifles. Even each country has his military and trying to give them latest firearms which can heart more than other. Even they are giving personal gun license to his citizen.

Sometime people use that license for genuine reason but some time they violate Men’s ethics.
And then some of them, if he is not capable to purchase license, they try to get these firearms in BLACK, means in local market. These guns are cheaper than licensed gun and easily available in local market. These firearms also popular with name “handmade gun”. And because the firearms easily available in locality each day number of crime is increasing, that we could see in local newspaper.

Now the things that I described above are well known, but still I am posting because we need to take action against local gun and its trade in local market. Government should take, and taking action against its import and export from other country, but still what is required that we should help to government to stop such kind of trade.


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